Using Power BI to solve accountancy challenges

Using Power BI to solve accountancy challenges

Using Power Platform to drive data driven efficiency

Robson Laidler, a prominent accountancy and business advisory firm, faced challenges in their data reporting processes. The volume of spreadsheets, reports and dashboards across various departments resulted in data discrepancies and information loss. Recognising the need for a unified, self-service solution, Robson Laidler consulted Marra to design a system that consolidates data from all departments into one central system.

Through stakeholder engagement during discovery sessions, we identified the need for a centralised solution that would address scalability, ease of use, and performance. We chose Power BI due to its robust features, self-service capabilities, and seamless integration with existing systems. To validate our decision, we conducted a successful Proof of Concept using Power BI.  Marra’s data analyst team successfully extracted, transformed, and loaded data from approximately 20 spreadsheets and complex SQL scripts into a unified Power BI report, providing a comprehensive view of information for the company.

The implementation of Power BI enabled Robson Laidler to significantly reduce the time spent on report creation, accessing and managing the data. The firm now benefits from enhanced reporting capabilities and a consolidated data source, facilitating informed decision-making across departments. Robson Laidler’s commitment to supporting clients in achieving their financial goals has been further strengthened by the improved efficiency and accuracy of their reporting processes, made possible through the implementation of Power BI.

Robson Laidler cater to businesses, individuals, and organisations, offering a comprehensive range of solutions including accounting, tax planning, compliance, business advisory, audit, assurance, payroll management, and financial planning. The firm’s mission is to support clients in achieving their financial goals by providing tailored solutions and expert guidance, fostering informed decision-making and driving business growth.



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