Bringing low-code to the forefront of food sustainability

Bringing low-code to the forefront of food sustainability

Using Power Platform to increase data management efficiency

Supported by the European Union, EIT lead as the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community.  With a globally spread team, EIT needed a solution to better understand the time their employees were spending on a project against the metrics of ‘expected’ and ‘actual’ time spent. 

Working with Marra, an easy-to-use Forecasting Application was built on Power Platform’s Power Apps. It allowed employees to provide projected and actual time spent on a project, as well as role descriptions. Data creation was for the previous, current, and future year ahead. With EIT’s existing Microsoft Business licences, this was all achieved within their existing Microsoft Teams environment. This saved time by using existing software that the team were familiar with and required no further financial investment for additional licensing.

EIT has been able to gain insight from the application to inform them about an employee’s understanding of their role and gain a more accurate reading of that employee’s capacity on any given project. Utilising this data has given EIT the ability to better inform and provide confidence to their project funders.

EIT Food is a Pan-European (Headquarters in Leuven and Belgium) Social Impact organisation with over 150 employees. Its goal is to transform the way food is produced, distributed, and consumed; through collaboration with trusted industry partners, education institutions, research organisations, and engaging with the public.

This application is an incredibly valuable tool to demonstrate we have spent the time on what we intended to and has the potential to highlight delivery issues for us. We can provide assurance to our funders. This is really filling a niche.

Richard Zaltzman




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