Using Power Platform to drive workplace efficiency in local government

Using Power Platform to drive workplace efficiency in local government

Revolutionising Laboratory Efficiency: Our Fusion Team’s Cutting-Edge Solution

Northumberland County Council (NCC) came to us as they were looking to industrialise their Highways Testing Laboratory operational process, to make it scalable and retain essential accreditation for the laboratory to operate. They faced the challenges of a lack of developer capacity and a reliance on unsupported legacy applications, no longer fit for purpose. 

It was becoming increasingly difficult to adapt and maintain the existing system, with manual workarounds costly and inefficient, as well as missed opportunities due to lack of capacity. With our unique combination of knowledge and expertise of Power Platform, we created the best solution while supporting their drive to embed the platform into the organisation.

We methodically developed a model-driven application to streamline the intricate process of scheduling work and reporting test results required as part of the laboratory process. Leveraging the robust capabilities of Power Automate, we seamlessly generated contracts and comprehensive reports, skillfully consolidating all the essential data. Additionally, we designed a canvas app specifically tailored for the on-site Technicians, often working in remote locations. Our fusion team worked closely with NCC to understand the pain points and develop a solution to address their unique ways of working.

NCC were able to use the Labman solution to successfully demonstrate the improvements to the laboratory process to the external auditors assessing their compliance with UKAS accreditation. Our work digitalized and significantly streamlined the manual and heavily paper reliant processes. The automation not only saved time but also ensured accuracy and consistency in documentation. The canvas app, custom-designed for on-site Technicians, revolutionized their workflow, even in remote locations. In summary, our solution not only optimized processes but also empowered the laboratory staff, enabling them to work smarter and more effectively.

Northumberland County Council is the local governing body responsible for various services and functions within the Northumberland region in the UK. They provide essential services such as bin collections, cost of living support, support for housing and council tenants. They offer aid to families, as well as promoting mental health and wellbeing. Their focus extends to skills development, employment, and volunteering opportunities.



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