Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

What Is Power BI?

Investing in Power BI is a brilliant solution for connecting multiple data sources and weaving them into unified, shareable semantic models for specific business purposes.

Visualisations, reports and dashboards can then be built on top of these and shared, with proper access control, across your organisation.

For example, if reporting on procurement (or any business function) requires manually pulling information from multiple spreadsheets and a SaaS procurement system, instead of integrating spreadsheets and the procurement system API, Power BI can use data modelling to unify all the data sets, then share this information, or build reports which can then be shared.

We worked with a children’s charity to create a process which replaced manual monthly reporting. We integrated a Power BI report with a Dataverse (data) layer of the Power App we built to automatically pull in the required data on a schedule. Reporting became as simple as navigating to the Power BI report with no manual prep needed and saved the nursing staff valuable time. 

We offer a Power BI package, tailored to the needs of your business to help you get started. 

Key Benefits

Some key benefits
of Power BI

Infuse data experiences everywhere

Empower anyone to work with data

Embed BI reports for your customers

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