Using Power Platform to help healthcare staff work more efficiently

Using Power Platform to help healthcare staff work more efficiently

Power Apps making a difference where it matters most

Rainbows approached Marra for help tracking and reporting their outreach with young people. They were piecing it all together manually using spreadsheets and in the world of palliative care every minute counts. The care team needed a visual way to measure their activities against the organisations KPIs. Rainbows looked to Marra for a solution which included complying with GDPR legislation specific to children and supporting the wide-spread reach of nurses operating across hospitals in the East Midlands. 

Marra created a Power App that nurses could use on a tablet device and keep with them during the day. A Power BI report was developed to report on the recorded activities in real time. Marra built a prototype to bring the vision to life and to make sure it was what Rainbows needed. The full solution was then developed inside Rainbows’ Power Platform environment. Supporting sessions were ran with a focus on app user training, which was carefully tailored to the non-technical audience to ensure an optimum user experience.

The Power App used to record the activity has saved each member of the case team 2-3 hours per week. This now saves Rainbows over 80 hours a month! As nurses now record activities when they happen, the quality of data has also improved. With the tablet-based app, nurses are no longer dependent on hospital resources that can change from location to location, and can have restricted access. Using the tablets’ mobile data capability, the nurses no longer struggled with the complexities and restrictions of hospital WiFi enabling them to work more efficiently.

In addition to the Power BI reporting saving the care team 2 days a week in administration, they are now able to report against new and existing KPIs in real time. They can report to the Rainbows board, demonstrating with accuracy where they can expand their outreach, and where they are needed most.

Rainbows is a hospice that cares for hundreds of families every year who have a baby, child, or young person with a serious or terminal illness that means that their lives will be shorter than most. Operating across the East Midlands, Rainbows supports over 400 people with life-limiting conditions.



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