Why Us

A new generation of tech creators to help you think and do differently

If technology is to enrich the lives of everyone and solve the world’s biggest problems it must be created by diverse teams that truly represent the experiences, beliefs and needs of everyone.

Why and how are we changing the face of technology?

Technology has the power to enrich everyone's lives, but its impact is limited by the lack of diversity in the pool of people who currently design and build it. There is both a social and an economic imperative for change.

Leadership Team

In service to our people and our customers

Headshot of Gary Scott

Gary Scott

As Executive Chairman, Gary supports and empowers the board of Marra. Gary is the founder and chair of Scott Logic and a former Executive Director at Lehman Brothers.

Headshot of Jo McGovern

Jo McGovern

As COO, Jo’s responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day experience of working for and with Marra matches the high standards we set for ourselves. Jo will embed the Marra culture and build the community throughout everything that Marra represents. With almost 30 years in the tech sector under her belt, Jo is committed to and excited by the opportunity to do things differently.

Headshot of Ryan Grey

Ryan Grey

As Head of Technology, Ryan ensures our technical skills and stack align with Marra's values and enable us to deliver high quality software solutions that meet our customers' needs. With a broad range of experience in full-stack web and mobile development gained through over a decade of varied software consultancy work, Ryan guides our technical approach on all aspects of initial project discovery, development and delivery

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