Marra Centre of Excellence

Marra Centre of Excellence

What Is A Centre of Excellence?

A Centre of Excellence is the next stage of Power Platform evolution.

Bespoke to your organisation, we use our expertise to develop, adopt, and evolve the most effective Power Platform solutions for your business needs.

While providing a foundation for innovation with robust levels of governance, a Centre of Excellence establishes a culture aligned with continuous improvement, organisational empowerment, and nurtures essential sustainability.

We can accelerate delivery in a safe, secure, and consistent manner by leveraging our expertise, industry knowledge and technological capabilities, whilst building sustainable collaborative relationships.

We offer a range of packages to support organisations wanting to establish a Centre of Excellence. This includes a package to support with the implementation of Microsoft's Centre of Excellence Starter Kit. Contact us for more information about this.

Many organisations start by undertaking a maturity assessment to help them prioritise work stream. Find out more about this package below.

Key Benefits

Some key benefits of Centre of Excellence

Drive innovation with a robust level of governance

Delivers organisational empowerment and nurtures sustainability

Build a culture aligned with continuous improvement

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